Arm Lift in Atlanta

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If you don’t like the way your arms look, you may find it impacting your life in frustrating or disheartening ways. Perhaps you feel like your clothing options are limited, or you avoid activities that might call attention to your arms. At Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, we want you to feel completely confident in your whole body — you should not need to feel like you have to hide a part of yourself to feel good about your appearance. If you are struggling with upper arms that have excess sagging skin and fat, an arm lift in Atlanta might be right for you.

Sagging skin on the upper arms can result from weight loss, genetics, or aging. When the skin on the upper arms becomes stretched or loose due to any of these factors, it begins to form bags that droop down in the bicep and elbow area. You may feel like your arms look disproportionate to the rest of your body, or you may simply dislike the look of skin that doesn’t lay flat over the contours of your arm. The expert surgeons and staff at Advanced Aesthetics are here to help you address the appearance of your upper arms through a procedure called an arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty. This cosmetic body sculpting surgery permanently reduces or eliminates the unwanted excess skin, leaving you with upper arms that no longer appear to sag or bunch.


Our friendly and professional board-certified plastic surgeons are here to help you get started on your journey back to complete confidence. We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments at our four convenient locations. We can perform your arm lift or brachioplasty with accompanying liposuction, and also alongside other body contouring surgeries such as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. During your complimentary consultation, you can discuss all of your aesthetic concerns with your surgeon to find out if there are any other procedures that might be right for you. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

What is an arm lift?

Arm lifts are relatively straightforward cosmetic procedures. They do not interfere with any areas of the body that are highly sensitive and focus only on excess skin and fat, so your risks of damaging important tissues like muscles or nerves are very low. They can be appropriate for both men and women of various ages, depending mostly on two conditions: first, that the patient has a reasonable amount of skin to be removed, and second, that they are in overall good health. It’s important for all surgical procedures that a patient is healthy enough to make a full recovery and that they have no known conditions or habits that might put them at risk during the procedure. Typically, surgeons will require that you are a non-smoker and have no known history of blood clotting or excessive bleeding.

You will be able to discuss your medical history and much more with your board-certified Advanced Aesthetics surgeon during your in-person consultation. If you are ready to find out more about an arm lift in Atlanta, we invite you to schedule this complimentary introductory appointment today. Our team is here to answer your questions and get you started toward achieving your aesthetic goals and feeling great about your appearance again.

Your Arm Lift Procedure

Your Advanced Aesthetics surgeon will begin by marking your arm along the areas where the surgical incision will be made. Then, you will be administered anesthesia — we typically use general anesthesia for arm lifts, but we can use local anesthesia with sedation if you prefer. You will need to talk to your provider during your consultation about your options.

Once you are comfortably asleep, the surgeon will make an incision along the upper arm to cut away the sagging skin causing your concerns. If you also have upper arm fat, liposuction may be used in conjunction with the incisions to help create a more pleasing contour. Then, the incisions will be closed with small sutures. The whole procedure typically takes between two and four hours.

Arm Lift Recovery and Results

After your procedure and a short wait in our recovery room while your anesthesia wears off, you will be able to return home with the help of a trusted friend or family member. You should plan on taking between one and two weeks away from work and arm-intensive actions like driving, housework or running errands. It can take between four and eight weeks to fully recover and pick back up all parts of your routine including exercise and sports.

Over the course of your recovery, you will have several follow-up appointments with your Advanced Aesthetics surgeon so they can oversee your healing and clear you to resume certain activities. Our offices are also always available to help answer your questions and address any concerns, should they arise.

The surgery does leave visible scars along the underside of the upper arm, but most patients find that they eventually become barely visible and are well worth with ability to wear better-fitting clothing and bare their arms without worry. Our surgeons are experts in creating beautifully contoured upper arms and hiding your scars as best as possible. In addition, our aftercare instructions include our expert suggestions on how to care for yourself while you heal to ensure your best possible results.

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