Plastic Surgery in Fayetteville

If you have ever felt that your outer appearance does not quite match your inner self, the Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center can provide exactly what you need. With the help of our board-certified plastic surgeons, you can confidently present your best face and body to the world.

Our plastic surgeons are experienced professionals with cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery services in Fayetteville. Whether you are hoping to take years off your appearance or improve a troublesome aspect of your body, we can create a customized care plan to help. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation and exploring the possibilities, reach out to Advanced Aesthetics today!

Facial Plastic Surgery

We can help you enhance your natural facial features to look more attractive and youthful like never before. Facial plastic surgery can help rewind the clock and refresh your appearance. We offer rhinoplasty, facelift, cheek, chin, and ear augmentations, and lifts for the brow, neck, and eyelids. You can often combine two or more of these procedures in one session.

Breast and Body Surgery

Our highly qualified surgeons have helped countless clients discover their dream figure with expert breast surgery, for things such as enhancements, reductions, revisions, and reconstructions. Your femininity can be accentuated with breasts that are perfectly positioned and sized to the rest of your body. We are also proud to offer FTM (female to male) and MTF (male to female) gender confirmation top surgery.

For both men and women, our suite of body contouring surgeries targets every kind of concern, expertly addressing the problem areas of our patients. We offer liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, butt augmentations, arm and thigh lifts, as well as labiaplasty. These enhancements should give you the confidence and self-esteem boost you need to begin a new chapter of your life.

Plastic Surgery For Men

We understand the specific needs of our male patients. Our plastic surgeons focus on preserving and enhancing your masculinity, ensuring that you never look like you have had noticeable work done. Connect with our clinic today to discover how you can get plastic surgery procedures specifically for men.

Non-Surgical Treatments

While you can get a lot out of plastic surgery in Fayetteville, it is not your only option. We also offer non-surgical treatments that do not require incisions, general anesthesia, or long recovery times. You can get a quick injectable treatment to add volume or treat wrinkles, like Botox or Dysport. Our aestheticians can also explain how you might benefit from microneedling or skin tightening, or how you can use them to enhance a full surgical procedure.

Recovering From Plastic Surgery

Following your surgical procedure in our Fayetteville office, you will be monitored carefully by our medical team before you are given the all-clear to leave. Most of our surgeries are completed under general anesthesia, and you will be unable to drive yourself home following your surgery.

Your individual recovery time and results will depend on your specific procedure. Most of our procedures will require at least a couple weeks of focused rest, during which you should completely avoid any type of exercise or vigorous movement.

If you carefully follow all the pre- and post-operative surgical instructions laid out by your plastic surgeon, you can reasonably expect a positive outcome. We will monitor your progress and results with follow-up appointments. By ensuring that you follow all guidelines as directed and take care of your post-surgery body with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will set yourself up for success.

Fall in Love With Yourself Again With Plastic Surgery in Fayetteville

Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center provides a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help patients throughout Fayetteville, GA, achieve the look they have always desired. With nearly a half-century of experience, our surgeons and staff provide a range of services to help women and men achieve their personal aesthetic goals.

Let’s discuss your concerns and come up with a plan to rejuvenate your look! Book your initial consultation today for a plastic surgery procedure at our Fayetteville office.