Labiaplasty in Atlanta

Do you experience difficulty wearing certain clothing, avoid participating in certain sports, such as bicycling, or feel self-conscious about sexual activity because of the enlarged lips of your vagina? Can anything be done to improve these concerns? Are there options for you in Atlanta? If you are currently experiencing these problems or problems like these, you are not alone, and yes, you do have good options and they may be closer than you think. A labiaplasty procedure in Atlanta, offered by Advanced Aesthetics, can reduce the size of your labia, create an attractive appearance and, most importantly, give you the peace of mind and ease in your own body that you deserve.

Confidence in Your Femininity Begins With a Consultation at Advanced Aesthetics

If you feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your labia or are experiencing discomfort during everyday activities or intercourse, you are likely a candidate for labiaplasty. You should call and make an appointment to discuss your concerns with an Advanced Aesthetics surgeon specifically if you have:

  • Discomfort or pain during intimacy or sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty using tampons
  • Protruding or asymmetric labia
  • Chafing or general irritation from overly large labia
  • Decreased pleasure from sexual activity due to clitoral hooding
  • Feelings of self-consciousness or sexual inhibition due to size or shape of your labia
  • Difficulty finding comfortable clothes due to the size or position of your labia
  • Functional or aesthetic concerns with your labia occurring after childbirth

We invite you to call for your complimentary consultation at our beautiful, Atlanta-area practice. Our surgical coordinators will speak with you on your first phone call, answer any initial questions and book your consultation at one of our three convenient locations. During your visit, you will see an educational video and meet with our friendly, board-certified doctors who will explain all your options, including the risks and benefits of the procedures you select.

Women considering labiaplasty have a world-class practice available to them in Atlanta — Advanced Aesthetics!

The surgeons at Advanced Aesthetics look forward to being a part of your long-term wellness. Call us today to schedule your in-person consultation and begin crafting your personalized course of treatment. A safe, comfortable and attractive result is possible and well within reach with Advanced Aesthetics. We wish you good health!

What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a procedure that includes many techniques. The procedure can improve functional concerns stemming from enlarged labia as well as give women greater satisfaction with the appearance of their labia. Each labiaplasty procedure performed in Atlanta is tailored to the unique needs of each patient. However, experience has shown that three techniques are most often used to give women the relief and results they expect.

The Trim Technique:

Women who have large labia minora can benefit from the trim technique. Using this technique, your surgeon will reduce the size of your labia by trimming away excess skin from the outer edges of the labia. This straightforward technique can help women who need only a modest reduction in the size of their labia to enjoy satisfying results.

The Wedge Technique:

The wedge technique uses a different approach to reduce the labia. Instead of trimming excess skin from the edges of the labia, the wedge technique carefully removes a wedge-shaped section from the labia, giving women who need more reduction a greater benefit. Once the wedge of tissue is removed, your surgeon will suture the incision, leaving you with a very natural and attractive result.

A Clitoral Hood Reduction:

For some women, excessive hooding over the clitoris can have functional concerns, limiting direct clitoral contact and preventing her from fully enjoying intimacy. A clitoral-hood reduction can reduce or eliminate hooding over the clitoris, restoring clitoral function, enhancing intimacy and producing a very attractive result. This technique can be performed with or without other labial augmentation.

What will happen during my labiaplasty procedure?

Once you have elected to have labiaplasty, your board-certified surgeon will perform your surgery in our state-licensed and certified Surgi-center while you are under general anesthesia. (Some patients will prefer to have local anesthesia and may do so with their surgeon’s approval.) Your surgery will be scheduled to occur after your menstrual cycle.

While procedure times vary by patient and the particular techniques used, on average, you can expect your surgery to last about two hours. To achieve your precise, desired result, great care will be taken to identify the paths of the incisions prior to your procedure. Once your surgeon has made the initial incision, excess skin will then be excised producing your result.

In most cases, incisions will be closed using dissolving sutures for your convenience. Also, your surgeon will likely recommend that you use an antibiotic cream to prevent infection and ensure that your incisions heal well and quickly. After surgery, you will remain in the surgical area for about an hour until your anesthesia wears off and you can be safely discharged home.

What is labiaplasty recovery like?

A full recovery from a labiaplasty procedure may take up to six weeks; however, the surgery usually results in very little discomfort during this period. Your surgeon will recommend that you take several days off immediately after surgery so that you can focus on rest and recovery, but you will quickly be able to resume your usual daily activities, such as driving and returning to work. Most patients will need to wait about six weeks before having sexual intercourse to protect their surgical area and results.

During your recovery, you will visit your Advanced Aesthetics board-certified surgeon periodically to follow up on your results. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns about your recovery. Your recovery is as essential a part of obtaining your results as your surgery. We will also strive to make this portion of your surgical journey as successful and carefree as possible.

Why Choose Advanced Aesthetics for Your Labiaplasty Procedure?

Women can have satisfying and long-lasting labiaplasty results first by educating themselves about their prospective procedure and its requirements and second by selecting the most qualified and experienced surgeon possible. Advanced Aesthetics has served residents in Atlanta and the larger metropolitan area for over 25 years. In addition to offering women safe surgical options which use state-of-the-art techniques, Advanced Aesthetics also offers a wide array of cosmetic services to provide a total rejuvenation solution and enhance your labiaplasty results. For example, a tummy tuck or mommy makeover make ideal complements to a labiaplasty procedure for appropriate candidates.

Whatever procedure or procedures you have at Advanced Aesthetics, you can depend on our caring surgical staff who have a deep and genuine concern for all of our patient’s wellbeing. Our surgeon’s aim to go further than providing merely a safe surgical result; they wish to achieve for each patient the confidence and ease that come with looking and feeling your very best and revealing the most authentic version of yourself possible. Even a quick skin treatment can significantly contribute to an improved mood and greater wellbeing. Women deserve this sense of satisfaction whether their concerns are noticeable only to them or more personal in nature.

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