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3 Tips for Setting Realistic Plastic Surgery Expectations

3 Tips for Setting Realistic Plastic Surgery Expectations

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When you decide to go through with a cosmetic procedure, it can feel very exciting thinking about all the results. Plastic surgery gives many people the hope to have the body or features they have always wanted. However, every surgeon warns their patients to have realistic expectations for their procedure.

Keep reading for the top three tips you should keep in mind so you can have realistic expectations for your upcoming surgery.

1. Learn the Limitations of Your Surgery

Your surgery will improve some areas of your body significantly, but that doesn’t mean it will address all your concerns. It’s essential to learn what your chosen surgery cannot do. For example, a breast augmentation cannot achieve the results of a breast lift if a patient has severe sagging. Or, liposuction can remove excess fat, but it cannot tighten loose skin.

Patients should understand these limitations and decide if combining surgeries is necessary to get their desired results. Individuals may need to consider a breast lift in addition to their augmentation or a skin tightening procedure (tummy tuck, brachioplasty, or BodyTite®) in addition to their liposuction.

2. Know That Not All Procedures Can Be Combined

It is quite common to combine procedures. Having multiple procedures simultaneously allows you to go under anesthesia only once and reduces your need to take extra time off work. However, don’t assume that all your desired procedures are safe to combine.

Even if it is possible to have multiple procedures to address various areas, patients may need to undergo these procedures in stages. Additionally, some procedures simply do not go well together. For example, a tummy tuck and facelift (or other facial procedure) would need to be undergone as separate surgeries as they address vastly different areas of the body.

Your consultation will allow you the opportunity to discuss what you can and cannot combine with your surgeon.

3. Understand That Your Consultation Matters

Be sure to make the most of your consultation. It is essential to ask all of your questions and get the most information you can. If you don’t get all your questions out of the way, you might find yourself worrying about some small details the morning of the procedure, which will cause unnecessary stress.

It is important to research your procedure beforehand and come in with questions so you can make an educated decision about your procedure. Of course, Advanced Aesthetics is available to answer any questions you think of later.

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