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Don’t Forget to Protect Your Neck

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Neck

Prevention is power and that is why at Advanced Aesthetics, we are committed to helping you find fresh ways to preserve the natural beauty of your youth. Through gentle care and upkeep, you can make a significant and lifelong difference from head to toe.

People often focus on maintaining a young and smooth face or a slim stomach, but the neck is frequently forgotten. After years of pampering the skin from the chin up, the development of wrinkles around the neck can come as an unwelcome and yet inevitable surprise. Inevitable, that is, unless you take a few simple steps to care for the sensitive yet often ignored area of the skin.

The Neck’s Bare Necessities

The neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body due to its constant exposure. The skin is quite thin and susceptible to even subtle factors in the environment. There are fewer influences which age the skin as quickly as the sun, so the next time you lather sunscreen onto your face and shoulders, don’t forget to moisturize and protect the neck.

And don’t wait until you go outside to give the neck the attention it needs. Wash and moisturize the area thoroughly during your daily skincare routine. There are masks particularly designed for the hydration and rejuvenation of the area which also help fortify the elasticity of the skin.

Consider exfoliating on a weekly basis in order to stimulate skin cell regeneration. A gentle exfoliant can be enough to keep the area clean and clear.

Postured for Prevention

When we think of skincare, we don’t often consider exercise and posture, but both can be important factors in preserving a youthful appearance. Sun exposure is not the only culprit which causes wrinkles. The unwanted creases can also appear as a result of muscle weakness. Through simple and daily exercise routines, you can tighten the muscles around the neck and reduce sagging skin beneath the chin.

Being conscious of your posture and avoiding extended time tilting your neck over a computer or holding a phone also helps reduce unnecessary pulling of the skin.

Food for the Skin

The effect of the food we eat cannot be overestimated and so it is important to supplement your skincare routine with the vitamins and hydration that your neck most needs. Vitamin C, E and A all boost the health of the skin and can be found in most citrus and dark green vegetables among other foods. Increasing your intake of antioxidants through fresh and oily fish can also increase your collagen production. Smoking does significant damage to the skin. Quitting the habit can be the best and most effective first step to a healthy lifestyle and beautiful skin.

When diet, exercise and home maintenance are not enough, neck lift surgery or laser treatment can be a good alternative to tightening the skin around the neck. Do you have questions about your skincare or want to know which plastic surgery treatment might be right for you? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.