Top 5 Foods to Help You Through Your Facelift Recovery

Top 5 Foods to Help You Through Your Facelift Recovery

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Healing after any surgery can be enhanced with some good lifestyle habits and choices. Eating well after facelift surgery can not only aid and speed healing, it can help ensure that results last for as long as possible.

What Is Recovery From a Facelift Like?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, recovery after a facelift can take as much as ten days.

During this period, the quality of your nutritional intake can go a long way to increasing comfort levels and a sense of well-being. Eating certain types of food can also target healing specifically, helping with the swelling and bruising — a common side effect of surgery.

Eating well also seems to have positive psychological benefits that can play an important role in recovery.

What Kinds of Foods Can Help You Heal After a Facelift?

Certain foods can support the healing process. Here are some of the best options for incorporating nutrition into your post-procedure diet:

  • Vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables, especially berries, carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, can reduce the chances of infection and boost energy.
  • Omega-3 fats, found in fatty fish like salmon and trout, and eggs, can help control inflammation and bruising.
  • The anesthetics and pain control medications used during facelift surgery often lead to constipation. High-fiber foods, such as lentils, whole grains, and apples all help with digestion and regularity, which — in turn — helps the recovery and healing process.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods, such as pineapple, blueberries, and almonds, can reduce swelling and prevent infection and other complications.
  • Drinking lots of unadulterated water will help to flush out anesthetics and medications and keep organs and surface skin hydrated and supple.

What Are Some Other Facelift Recovery Tips?

In addition to eating well and staying hydrated, be sure the consider the following tips post-surgery:

  • Don’t smoke. This is always suggested for any surgical intervention. Smoking can inhibit healing and compromise overall health. It can also lead to wrinkles, which may be one of the reasons for getting a facelift in the first place!
  • Follow your surgical team’s post-operative instructions to the letter. These will include changing dressings, keeping the wound site clean, and what activities should be temporarily avoided.
  • Get lots of rest and don’t try to do too much. Healing takes time.

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