As the day of your facelift approaches, you will likely be taking steps to prepare for your procedure and recovery. It is often easy to find guides for what to do leading up to your facelift and for what to expect while you heal — these are both important parts of the facelift process, and learning about them makes sure your surgery goes smoothly and your results are complication-free. But these guides focus on the time before and after your facelift and are not always helpful if you are hoping to understand the logistics of your scheduled surgery day. At Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta, we want you to feel completely comfortable, prepared and informed about your procedures with us. This overview will help you learn about what to expect from the day of your facelift.


The first consideration for the day of your surgery is the location of your procedure. This will depend on your surgeon — many practices have dedicated operating spaces in the same building as visiting offices, but some partner with nearby healthcare facilities like a surgery center or hospital. Make sure you double-check where you are headed when you leave home for your procedure.

You will likely want a trusted friend or family member to drive you; in fact, many surgeons will require this. Preferably this will be the same person who will drive you home because they will be familiar with the office when they return to pick you up. You will also want to arrive a little early to make sure that you have time to ask any lingering questions or take care of pre-procedure paperwork, and we often recommend having your drop-off and pick-up person available to help you with this check-in process.


After you check in, you will be taken back to your operating room where your surgeon and their staff will make sure you are comfortable and at ease. At Advanced Aesthetics, we typically use general anesthesia because of the length of the surgery. However, you may be able to choose local anesthesia instead if you prefer — you will need to talk to your surgeon to find out if that is an option for you. You will have this last opportunity to ask your surgeon any questions before your anesthesia is administered.

Depending on the kind of facelift you receive, the extent of your needs and your surgeon’s techniques, your surgery will take somewhere between two and six hours. A full facelift, when not combined with eyelid or brow surgery, should take between three and four hours.


When your surgery is finished, you will be moved to our recovery room for 30 to 60 minutes while your anesthesia wears off. Your surgeon and their staff will monitor you to make sure you do not have any adverse reactions to the surgery or numbing medications, after which you will be released and free to go home. You will not be able to drive yourself home from your surgery, and most surgeons require or strongly prefer that you are picked up by someone you know and trust rather than taking public transportation or a taxi. Your surgeon may also have some recovery information for you, which will be difficult to remember alone since you will be woozy from your surgery. If you need to fill a prescription or pick up extra supplies on your way home, you will need someone to assist you.


When you arrive at your house or your home base for recovery, you should make sure you have a comfortable place to settle in. This will likely become your go-to recovery spot for the first few days, during which your activity level will be limited due to bandaging and pain medications. If you have pets or children, you should make sure you have someone else around the house to care for them and to help care for you, too. You will be tired and drowsy from the surgery and pain medications and should plan on eating soft foods, staying hydrated and sleeping for the rest of your day. Before you know it, the day of your surgery will be over, and you will be beginning your recovery.

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