BOTOX® in Atlanta

BOTOX® is one of the leading non-surgical injectable treatments designed to fade away the look of dynamic wrinkles, which cause expression lines on the forehead, around the eyes, nose, and lips.

BOTOX® must be administered by a professionally trained and licensed health care professional. Advanced Aesthetics is staffed by an expert medical team who have developed mastery in administration techniques. If you would like to learn more about BOTOX® in Atlanta, connect with our team today.

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a cosmetic injectable treatment, scientifically known as a neuromodulator, which is a substance that affects the brain’s messaging system. In this case, BOTOX® prevents the brain from sending signals to the target muscle that causes the facial wrinkle or fold. This prevents that specific muscle from moving, which stops the formation of that wrinkle or fold. BOTOX® is targeted to only work on the muscle that it is injected into, without affecting surrounding muscles.

This product is popular for treating wrinkles that cause facial expressions, such as forehead lines, the “11” lines in between your eyes, the wrinkles created by raising your eyebrows, squinting, smiling, frowning, grinding your teeth, or pursing your lips.

Am I a Good Candidate for BOTOX®?

Most of our patients are good candidates for BOTOX® in Atlanta. BOTOX® is for our patients who want a quick and easy treatment to target facial wrinkles, including glabellar lines, , forehead lines, crow’s feet, and other fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is NOT safe for our patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We also offer BOTOX® for certain medical concerns, like severe migraines.

Efficacy is one of the main reasons why BOTOX® is the most popular anti-wrinkle treatment in the world. Compared to over-the-counter wrinkle creams and products, the effects are much stronger, more dramatic, and longer-lasting. Over-the-counter serums and creams only penetrate the most superficial layers of the skin, which are mostly composed of dead skin cells. These over-the-counter treatments are not strong enough to make any lasting improvement or impact on your skin issues.

What To Expect During Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Appointment

Prior to the BOTOX® injection procedure in Atlanta, our physician assistant will cleanse the target area and apply an ice pack to the area if necessary. The injection itself will be fairly quick, lasting a few minutes or more, depending on how many treatment areas you choose. Most treatments will take less than a half hour to complete and can be easily scheduled over lunch.

Following the procedure, the target area will be cleansed again, and in most cases, patients see results in 1-2 weeks. BOTOX® has no downtime or recovery whatsoever, so patients can return to their job or daily life immediately following their treatment.

Will My Results Be Permanent?

The age-defying results of your BOTOX® injections will last you several months. However, they will not be permanent. One of the main advantages of BOTOX® is that it is naturally degraded, absorbed by the body, and passed through your natural waste system.

In order to maintain your beautiful results, you should schedule maintenance appointments every 3 to 6 months or as directed by our expert medical team.

Contact Us Today to Book Your BOTOX® Injection in Atlanta

BOTOX® is the global gold-standard treatment to fade away facial wrinkles caused by muscle movement around the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth. This FDA-approved procedure is safe, quick, suitable for almost every patient, and requires almost no recovery time.

The Advanced Aesthetics team is committed to ensuring that your injection is performed with your safety and wellness at the forefront. Call us today to book your consultation for BOTOX® in Atlanta and learn how we can make you look younger in no time at all.