Facelift in Fayetteville

At some point, most people begin to notice the subtle signs of aging. This process can start with laugh lines around the eyes or lines around the mouth and nose. For many women and men nearby Fayetteville, GA, surgical and non-surgical face lift options can assist in reducing or eliminating these issues.

As the skin becomes less elastic, a facelift is often the best option to gently tighten the skin of the face and neck. Face lift surgery removes any fat deposits in the neck, creating a youthful and defined face and neck.

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What is a Facelift?

At Advanced Aesthetics, we offer different options in facelifts to suit our clients’ specific areas of focus. We offer a mini face lift, which uses a smaller incision and is often used when there are minor signs of aging. Our surgical face lift procedures in Fayetteville are customized to your needs. Our doctors explain both surgical and non-invasive treatment options and recommend the best one for your goals and skin.

Our clients choose to combine a facelift with other procedures in many cases. A popular combination includes a blepharoplasty, which reduces the look of droopy or sagging eyelids.

What to Expect After a Facelift?

The facelift is completed at our clinic, and most clients can leave our clinic about an hour after the procedure. We provide pain medications, and you may experience mild to moderate pain for a few days. Most people can expect to return to work in one or two weeks, with  swelling and bruising typically lasting less than six weeks.

You can expect to see the facelist results  once the swelling and bruising subside. Our team works with you throughout recovery, answering your questions and monitoring post-op healing.

Facial Plastic Surgery In Fayetteville
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