Rhinoplasty in Fayetteville

The nose is a defining feature on any face. When people in and around Fayetteville, GA, are not happy with the way their nose looks, it can be difficult to feel confident and comfortable in social situations. Changing the shape or size of your nose is possible through a procedure known as rhinoplasty. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have worked with thousands of women and men to change the shape of their noses. Our doctors work closely with you to understand your goals through the procedure. We also consider the shape and size of your face when discussing your rhinoplasty, ensuring the final result is a nose that compliments your features.

We also offer the option for a non-surgical rhinoplasty, which uses fillers to create the desired shape on the nose without the need for any invasive procedure or downtime. For a consultation with the top rhinoplasty surgeon near you, call us to schedule an appointment.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

There are two different methods used in nose plastic surgery procedures in our Fayetteville office. These are the closed and open rhinoplasties. Depending on the changes to your nose, one procedure will be selected and performed under general anesthesia. We can also discuss other complementary approaches you may want to consider at the same time, including chin augmentations, septoplasty, and eyelid surgeries.

What to Expect After Nose Plastic Surgery?

After the procedure, expect to take a week from work and daily activities and use bandages on your face to heal the swelling and bruising. Full healing and recovery typically take a few months, so avoid any strenuous activities until cleared by your doctors.

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